Financial Advisory

“We are experts in the transformation of the finance function”

In the wake of a global transformation of their company, CFOs want to accelerate the change of their function.

We identified five key issues:
• Simplify and secure processes
• Improve information systems
• Supporting growth
• Manage skills

Concretely, it leads financial managers to work on the evolution of their information systems and the use of new and more agile technologies, including cloud, big data, or robotization.

Digital transformation also impacts on management and day-to-day work. The CFO must federate, work collaboratively without hierarchy, and accept to be challengaged, even by his collaborators.


Searching for value

The dematerialization of processes is one of the “Quick Win” of the transformation of the finance function. This is a significant step forward, which remains a rather simple project to implement and remains the first axis of digitization of companies.
After the widespread dematerialization of the “procure to pay” process, new trends are observed, notably in the dematerialization of the closing process.
But, in order to accelerate the transformation, it is necessary that the Financial Directories offer more visibility on the ROI of their projects with the objectives of gaining credibility and being force of proposition to the business.


The challenge of communication

To get out of the silos between functions, the use of Cloud tools is a real asset for the company, enabling the development of best practices (big data,  dashboard & visualization).

With digital transformation, competence management is an issue, especially around the subjects of training and the definition of career plans. This digitization of the finance function implies a rise in competence of the teams and the integration of new skills, such as new technologies or communication.

Since 2014, IN2 consulting has been a major player in the rapidly changing rail transport sector

Our activities revolve around the development and operational management of a strategic IS Finance post-merger project.

IN2 consulting intervenes in the definition and prioritization of the projects to be carried out during the next 5 years. The challenge is to achieve the objectives of performance and reduction of IS costs set by the management.

From project operational management (planning, budgeting, coordination with related projects), to the facilitation of workshops and steering committees, the intervention of IN2 consulting is rich in terms of interactions with project stakeholders and the addressed issues (definition of new economic management needs, definition of the business and IS migration path, formalization of new business and IT processes, advice on the strategy to be applied, harmonization of management tools…)


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