Project Management

“Identify, qualify, ensure the right configuration”

Our assistance with project management cell consists of experimented resources who bring their specific knowledge to lead a project.

  • Independent, he is the facilitator of relationships between busness mangament and IT project teams
  • he helps the management teams to settle the project by identifying a required leadership to maintain control of the project
  • He challenges providers
  • He brings his methodological and technical expertise
  • He remains neutral clarifies the areas of risk and raises brakes to the success of a project
  • He takes into account the impacts of organizational and operational changes that the project can bring

The consultants of IN2 consulting have these essential assets to perform the following actions:

Preliminary studies and studies of opportunities

  • Modeling business, organization and resource processes
  • Functional, application, technical mappings
  • Formalization of expression of needs
  • Benchmark of solutions
  • Budget study
  • Development of a macro planning
  • Drafting of the specifications / backlog (AGILE)

Tender management

  • Drafting of the tender file
  • Definition of selection grids
  • Organization of the defenses
  • Counting help
  • Contract management

Test phase & functional Qualification

  • Definition of the test strategy and organization of test campaigns (protocol, planning, actors, logistics)
  • Construction of test scenarios
  • Monitoring and management of issue processes
  • Implementation (regression test running and functional testing)
  • Test user support


  • Pilot site testing
  • Management of the deployment
  • Organization of the data migration

Maintenance and support

  • Maintenance and support organization
  • Collection and processing of user needs
  • System sustainability by adaptation to new needs

Operating balance


More interventions

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