Trends in technology in San Diego, California, USA

Trends in technology in San Diego, California, USA

Representatives of IN2 LS attended the annual technology conference organized by the Rady School of Management, UC San Diego School of Management, California. This conference, entitled “Trends in Technology“, covered several technological innovations and their applications.



Report of exchanges

Stakeholders from Amazon, Qualcomm and HP spoke on topics ranging from genome sequencing to the importance of Machine Learning in creating video games.

The highlight of the day was Durga Malladi, vice president of Qualcomm, who presented the potential and benefits of 5G, the new connected world revolution. It allows more flow, allowing the connection of a multitude of devices intended to simplify the daily and professional life.

5G or ultra-fast broadband is therefore considered as a technological breakthrough offering ubiquitous connectivity and the ability to control billions of digital devices of all kinds and in industries such as telephony but also agriculture, freight transport, drone delivery, connected home, and so on.



The development of autonomous cars is also at the heart of this new technology: vehicles will be able to interact with each other and with street furniture (especially traffic lights and traffic signs).

The car will be “aware” of any vehicles around it and will be able to act accordingly. The car will have access to information relating to the weather, traffic or road works on its itinerary.

The 5G will also allow the development of telesurgery. A doctor in Paris will be able to operate a patient at the other part of the world, via a robot.

And why not the end of telephone or video discussions, in favor of holograms? Or the development of the factory of the future with drones of construction and delivery?



In addition to Qualcomm, other innovative companies came to present their work, and latest technological trends. This is the case of alwaysAI, represented by its co-founder and CEO Marty Bread, who presented the “computer vision“.

As Marty has pointed out, “Artificial intelligence is a set of several branches such as Machine Learning, NLP (Natural Language Processing), and many others.” These branches allow a program to simulate human intelligence, and the “Computer Vision” is one of these branches.

Among the other speakers present, Illumina’s manager shared his work in genomics. The technology to sequence a human genome could upset the medical world. Non-invasive, tests already identify chromosomal abnormalities such as trisomy, from a DNA sequencing.



To be followed for future conferences!