Change management

“Contribute to the acceptance of the changes by the participation, communication and training”

With the globalization of markets, technological progress, increased competition, the company must continuously adapt to improve its competitiveness. It must establish a new performance with a need for rapid innovation facing obsolescence of the traditional framework.

The management shall give direction by evolve and transform their organizations to ensure performance, development and sustainability.

To deal with these challenges, IN2 consulting accompanies you in your strategic thinking in designing scenarios of change, to measure impacts and to advise you in the most suitable choice. From this base, we build with you an approach sized for successfully steering the transformation of your organization and your information systems as well as the good adoption by the operational teams.


  • Framing (take in hand the methodology, prepare a schedule of the approach for the service, launch the approach from the intermediate management, identify users)
  • Diagnosis (analyze process targets and identify gaps; mapping tool, business, organization and culture impacts analyze the perceptions of the project by users)
  • Definition of an operational transition plan (adapt market plans, build the tools needed for the proper functioning of the target service, define individual development plans / collective profession, contribute to the adjustment of the business repository, formalize the changes expected in relation to HR, set the toggle operationally)
  • Definition of a mobilization plan users (to determine service-by-service. in coherence with the communication of the project plan)
  • Implementation and monitoring of the transition and the mobilization plan (piloting the implementation of the transition plan, achieve one-time experiences feedback between teams, reporter to HRD,…)


  • Development of the strategy of training and the training catalogue
  • Construction of the training plan
  • Assistance in the drafting of media
  • Pilotage training logistics
  • Animation of training sessions
  • Functional accompaniment on site users


  • Preparation, pilotage and animation of the seminar of launch (launch of the mission with stakeholders, identification of key messages, issues of the project and the initial hook, development of communication plan, establishment of a communication, validation by the adjustment and strategic Steering Committee working group,…)
  • Trigger and animation necessary for the construction meetings
  • Support to the implementation of the communication actions: contribution of tools, methods and expertise to the management of proximity (realization of the actions foreseen in the communication plan, field measurement of the complementary effects of communication, identification of communication actions according to the results of the barometer field and events of the project or the company…)

Support at startup

  • Establishment of media (guides users)
  • Skills transfer
  • Implementation of training system continues


  • Realization of seminars of conduct of change


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