Framing and Steering

“Framing, track deadlines, costs and quality of deliverables, coordinate a project”

IN2 consulting strives to drive pragmatic programs and projects you entrust to us in adapting continuously to your context and your culture and basing on recognized methods. Our consultants have experience in management of major projects acquired in business contexts and organizational variety. They apply the knowledge, skills, tools and methods in the activities of the projects to meet the needs and expectations while creating real value for our customers.


By its positioning, IN2 consulting can intervene on consulting assignments, in:


  • Analyzing your project management methods
  • Offering different levers of optimization on your driving
  • Training your team to a project driving tailored to your needs and ambitions line
  • As guarantors of the correct application of the deployed methods, in order to bring you a consolidated and optimal vision on your projects

We operate also in an operational way in:

  • Helping your managers to put in place an adapted governance to your project portfolio and accompanying management in alignment with your business strategy
  • Accompanying your project managers and program directors to complete their projects and programs during each phase and this, whatever the chosen approach (classic method, AGILE method)
  • Intervening as the direct manager of your projects and programs


  • Definition of the project: identification of key needs, project context, technical objective, time objective, cost objective, deliverables
  • Definition of means: mapping of information systems, identification of obstacles, fold solutions, planning, resources, hardware & software means
  • Definition of organization: project management, roles and responsibilities, team organization, principles of internal and external communication

Track progress

  • Time management: identification of activities, sequencing, duration estimate, schedule and staking
  • Cost management: planning, estimating, budgeting, control
  • Risk management: identification, quantification, qualification, plan of assiocated actions

Coordination of the project management teams and project management

  • Validation of the project deliverables (expression of needs, specifications…)
  • Control of the means of implementation
  • Identification of hard points, initialization of the actions of resolution, following the course
  • Facilitate relations between the actors project (technical, business) to meet the perimeters and reciprocal responsibilities

Ensure reporting and animate decision cycles

  • Animation of the meetings and committees of decision (COPROJ, COPIL…)
  • Regular feeding and distribution of reporting tools
  • Alert derivatives, risk over the course of the project
  • Project assessment

Ensure the quality of the project

  • Definition of roles and responsibilities
  • Validation of the content of the test phases conducted by development teams and users
  • Validation of the test strategy (objectives, prioritization, approach, level of tests and methods used)
  • Definition and monitoring of indicators (setting up of monitoring dashboards)
  • Skill transfer


More interventions

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